A Tiger (Woods) Loses His Roar

I am sure that everybody is aware of the troubles swirling in the life of Tiger Woods.  Since this website is about rebuilding life after adultery, it is appropriate to offer a few comments.

The Problem

Like all who succumb to the siren call of adultery, Tiger’s journey gives evidence of several problems.

The Problem of Arrogance

All who travel down this path do so with an attitude of arrogance.  Tiger decided that he was above the standards he established to his wife and in the public eye.  He probably thought that he could handle a double life.  This arrogance or pride ultimately leads to a fall.  The arrogant have a way of being humbled.

The Problem of Lack of Sexual Control

Sex is intended to be a beautiful thing.  It is only beautiful when it is expressed within the context of marriage.  Unbridled sexual passions do not foster this beauty.  Instead ugliness shows up.

The Problem of a Lesser Love

Tiger probably loves his wife.  He loves himself more.  When the scales of love tilt toward self, our love for others diminishes.  An adulterer fails in the love department.  Focus cannot be on one’s own desires and wants, but on the needs and desires of the spouse.

The Problem of Spiritual Condition

Tiger and every adulterer has sinned against their spouse, their family and in the circle of influence.  However as David confessed in Psalm 51, adultery is chiefly a sin against God.  It is a clear indicator of spiritual disconnect from God.

Advice for Tiger

Run to Jesus

Repent of a sinful life and trust that Jesus died as payment for that sinful life.  Recognize that God is that author of life and learn of him.

Rebuild your manhood

Real manhood is not determined by the number of women a man beds.  Instead it is how clearly the image of God is displayed in our lives.  It is also determined by the depth of love for one’s wife.

Accept the consequences

Tiger must muster all of his energy to winning back his wife.  However, if she does not return, he cannot blame her or anybody else.  While the media scrutiny will probably continue, Tiger should let this do the work of humbling him.  This is the remedy for the problem of arrogance.  It won’t be fun, but it will be helpful.

I hope that the exposure of Tiger’s double life will cause him to live a sincere life that is centered on Jesus and focused on his family.  Media perception, endorsements and golf are all insignificant aspects right now.