A Unique Defense for Adultery

Eugene RobinsonEugene Robinson is a Councilman in Atlantic City, NJ and reportedly a Baptist minister.  Some time ago, Robinson was videotaped taking a 24 year old prostitute to a motel, exchanging money and engaging in a sex act.  The investigation found that this was a setup by political enemies.  However, that does not excuse Robinson’s actions.   In his testimony and comments, several unique aspects of that night unfold:

  1. Financial Defense – Robinson said that only gave the woman $1 so that she could get a soda.
  2. Civic Defense – Robinson testified that he thought the woman was a tourist who had become separated from her group.  He was surprised when she began unbuckling his pants (in a motel).
  3. Spiritual Defense – Robinson said that he was waiting for God to send him the woman that was destined to be his wife.  He elaborated that he had not had sex since 1989 and thought this woman was sent by God.

So there you have it.  Robinson was simply being a Good Samaritan looking for God’s will.

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