It Might Be About the Nail

nailIt seems as if every Christian blogger and his brother have posted a cute video about a woman with a nail protruding from her head. I am not going to post it here because I believe it to be misguided and sends an incorrect message. Frankly I have been surprised at those who have posted it. Regarding many other issues they seem to have such keen discernment. Somehow they have packed away their discernment for this “cute” message.

The crux of the video’s message is that when the woman tells her husband about this big nail sticking out of her forehead, she wants him simply to listen to her. She doesn’t want to “fix it.”

Now, surely, men need to be much, much better listeners to their wives. Often we must avoid trying to fix their issues. But is there not a fixing role found somewhere in the marriage relationship? I would have to question my wife’s love if she ignored a spike sticking out of my head.

In the video the wife complains that the nail is hurting her head, tearing her sweaters and a host of other things. By not helping his wife extract the nail, the husband was party to her pain and poor stewardship. At the end of the video, the wife attempts to kiss her husband because he only listened. The result? He ended up with a headache as well. That’s supposed to be a good thing?

The whole thing seems patronizing to the female gender. Let’s suppose I am hunting with my buddy (I’m not a hunter, but let’s pretend.), Suddenly I turn in his direction to shoot at an animal. I would expect him to at least holler at me. He might even need to tackle me. In so doing, he may save his life and prevent me from going to prison. What if he just watches because I don’t want my problematic aim to be fixed?

That story is ludicrous. Why is it any different when we are talking about our wives?

So, men, if you need to listen more often and with better skill to your wife, do it. But if you can alleviate pain and loss by fixing something, fix it. It might very well be about the nail.