About Frank Gantz

Frank Gantz

Formerly, I was a local church pastor for about 15 years.  After a sinful fall, God has graciously brought me back to himself and to the church. I have the wonderful privilege of gathering with God’s people at First Boynton Church in Boynton Beach, Florida. In this church I regularly serve as a Bible teacher, writer, and occasionally as a Bible preacher.

Hopefully this blog will serve to minister to people like me – prodigals who need to find their way back home.

I am married, a father of four and a grandfather of four.

Churches in which I have served in  leadership capacities:

  1. Assistant Pastor – Kitzingen-Wurzburg Baptist Church (Germany)
  2. Pastor – First Baptist Church, Red Rock (Oklahoma)
  3. Pastor – Greenfield Baptist Church (Greenfield, Arkansas)
  4. Pastor – West Rock Baptist Church (Little Rock, Arkansas)
  5. Pastor – Trinity Baptist Church (Louisville, Kentucky)

I have been a guest preacher in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Texas, Indiana, Florida and Kentucky.

I have also preached and taught outside of the U.S. in Germany, Switzerland, Guatemala and Russia.

My formal education took place at the following schools:

  1. Oklahoma Baptist University (Shawnee, Oklahoma)
    • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Religion and History
  2. Mid-America Baptist Theology Seminary (Memphis, Tennessee)
    • Master of Divinity (MDiv)
  3. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, Kentucky)
    • PhD studies in Church History

For a more detailed autobiography: