An Awkward Moment Leaving Church


After church this morning, I was getting into my vehicle on the back row of the parking lot. Going past me was somebody from church. They were riding in a taxi.

As the taxi passed, I could not help but notice the advertisement that was atop the cab. This particular ad was for a strip club in the county.

I realize that these ads are common on taxis in many cities. I have witnessed a number of them when I worked in the hotel industry. However, I don’t recall ever seeing one of them rolling through the church parking lot.

I thought of possible responses. Do I get all Old Testament and throw rocks at the cab? Do I intercept the rider and take them home in my vehicle?

Has anybody else ever witnessed this or something like this in your church parking lot? How did you respond?

**I know the Old Testament is not about throwing rocks. I used it like this simply as a figure of speech.**