Another Trip to the Hospital

HospitalPerhaps you have been waiting for a new post here on the blog. I spent a couple of nights in the hospital early last week. Between the pains leading up to the hospital and the recovery time at home, I have been running on little energy.

To update, I was having tightness in my chest and neck. It did not reach heart attack status but the doctors sent me in for another heart catheterization. The medical staff welcomed my return since we have become pretty familiar with each other.

It seems as if Thanksgiving and my wife Suzie’s birthday are target dates for these things. I was fine this Thanksgiving after having spent two in a row in the hospital. This was the second time in three years that I have celebrated Suzie’s birthday with cardiologists.

I am doing better. I am not where I was five years ago, and will probably never be. We are thankful to the Lord for his sustaining grace and for the sanctifying work he has done in this time. We are also grateful for the many who have prayed for us.

To help you in your prayers, here is the current cardiac scorecard.

  • 4 Heart Attacks
  • 1 Open Heart Surgery
  • 8 Heart Catheterizations
  • 4 Bypassed Arteries
  • 8 Stents

ThisĀ all has happened in less than five years. I rejoice that this body is but a temporary tabernacle. One day this corruptible body will be replaced with one that is incorruptible.