Antioch Church: Creation to Christ Story

Check out the video in the top right hand side of the website to see and hear 7 minutes of members of Antioch Church tell the story of the gospel in their community.

Antioch Church is a relatively new church in the southern part of Louisville, KY.  The founding pastor is my friend, Todd Robertson.  Todd really has a heart to reach the over 70 people groups living in this part of the city.  I hope you know this story for yourself.

The video will stay up in this post if you come here after it is no longer on the home page.

Creation to Christ story- Antioch Church Vision from Antioch Church on Vimeo.

In this video Pastor Todd Robertson shares the vision of Antioch Church and various members of Antioch Church (not actors) share the story of Creation to Christ with each other.

Music by: Daniel Dixon

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  1. Thanks Frank. Just saw that you posted this. Hope it is an encouragement to others and helps folks see what we are about in S. Louisville. Thank you for the support.

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