Artists on God and Christianity – Tori Amos

Tori Amos is an extremely talented singer, songwriter and pianist.  In 2001 I attended one of her concerts in Nashville, TN.  What I saw and heard was amazing artistry.  This artist has written and sung about deep issues and subjects.  She has tackled such heavy subjects as rape and spousal violence in her music.

Amos is the product of a preacher’s home.  She has not shied from addressing spiritual issues.  On her website, she converses about a recent album/CD.  Her conversation reveals a woman with a healthy set of questions.

People are being forced to question what they believe in.  We’re being brought back to questions which make up our foundation: “Who am I?  What do I really believe in?”

She arrives at answers which may seem amiss to most Christians.  She also asks “what is sinful?”  She answers with a view centered on self rather than on God.

It’s not what the church says to me is sinful.  It’s me degrading myself, or somebody else wanting to degrade me and me allowing it to happen.

Her 2009 album is titled, Abnormally Attracted to Sin.  The title is taken from a line from Guys and Dolls.  She is on to something that Christians should hear.  She seems to miss the mark on her understanding of sin as being about self rather than about God.

She is critical of the church.  She cites the church for not demonstrating the compassion of Christ.  Instead the church ignores and pegs those with the most despair and questions.  To this criticism the church should listen.

Amos, however, proceeds further down a dangerous path.  The lyrics to her song, God, demonstrate this.

God sometimes you just don’t come through.
Do you need a woman to look after you?
God sometimes you just don’t come through.

Here Amos reveals a higher alignment to feminism than to God.  Perhaps she might find more of her answers with a higher view of God.  After all the compassion of Christ is the compassion of God.

I hope she continues to ask important questions.  I just hope she finds answers that are based on God revealing himself rather than influenced by a woman-centered worldview.  I also hope we all continue to ask important questions.

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