At the Feet of Jesus

jesus feetWhere do we spend out time? At this place. In that place. Here, there and yonder.

However we answer that question reveals something about us. Most of us will have multiple answers. Many of these answers are necessary and important.

  • At home
  • In the bed
  • On the sofa
  • At work
  • In the office
  • At church

Each of those answers reveal something about us. Perhaps we are at home because we value our families. We are in bed because we need our rest. We are at work because we need to earn a living. We are at church to gather with the saints in worship.

We can spend too much time in these places. We can forego work to stay at home. That’s not good. (Unless you work from home as do I.) Being too long in bed or on the sofa is sloth. Being too long at work takes away from the family.

However we answer that question, we must find significant time to spend at the feet of Jesus. That is the place to worship, to learn, to be transformed, to weep, to rejoice and to reverence the Lord.

When we spend time at the feet of Jesus, we go to those other places with worship in our hearts and with service as our mission.

When was the last time you really sat at the feet of Jesus?