Atlanta Mayor Fires the Fire Chief

So much for toleration and inclusiveness…again. Did not the mayor of Atlanta do to the fire chief exactly what he feared the fire chief MIGHT do to his subordinates?

Atlanta Ousts Fire Chief Who Has Antigay Views –

The fire chief, Kevin Cochran, is a Sunday School teacher and member of an SBC church and published a book titled Who Told You That You Are Naked? The purpose of the book is to help men deal with past sins. The fireable section was a half page section which included comments about homosexuality.

The fire chief responded to allegations included with his firing:

Q: “Have I discriminated against any member of the LGBT community or an LGBT member of Atlanta Fire and Rescue?”

A: There was no evidence of discrimination among members of the fire department or in the community at large. The greatest of my Christian values is a love without condition for all humankind. In the fire service, I have had the privilege to live out this virtue every day for past 34 years to the extent that I would lay down my life for anyone in the communities in which I have served.

Q: “Did I inappropriately distribute the book in the workplace?”

A: Three people interviewed by city investigators received a copy of the book without requesting it. But I had distributed the book only to members of the department with whom I had already established a personal relationship as Christians.

Q: “Was it appropriate for me to … suggest that my responsibility [as fire chief] was to cultivate a culture that glorified God?”

A: The oath of office he took ended with “so help me God,”. If it was a violation to glorify God and cultivate a culture, I should have been fired at the very end of my oath.”

 P.S. Notice even the wording of the NY Times title. “Antigay”. This has been the MO of many in the press to color their reporting. The best example is that “anti-abortion” is often used rather than “pro-life”.