Be Reconciled

When human relationships are broken, the remedy comes when both sides are willing to make amends. Both parties must be willing to do whatever it takes to forgive, show mercy, and to love one another again. However, in the case of of man’s broken relationship with God, only one party is at fault. Therefore, one normally would expect the person at fault to make things right, right? Wrong…this is where the gospel comes in.

It is God who has been offended, but it is God who makes amends.

It is God who has been wronged, but it is God who makes it right.

–Buz McNutt

Dr. Buz McNutt

Dr. Buz McNutt

These were the opening words from this past Lord’s Day from Dr. Buz McNutt at First Boynton. His sermon was titled Be Reconciled.

In Genesis 33 we read of the temporary and flawed reconciliation between brothers Jacob and Esau. In this reconciliation a bitter hatred was momentarily replaced with a hearty embrace between these brothers who had not seen each other for two decades.

Receiving reconciliation, Jacob did not become a minister of reconciliation. Instead his actions were those of “Jacob being Jacob.” The end result was that this reconciliation did not stand the test of time.

In the gospel we find reconciliation with the God who we had made our enemy. He does all that is necessary to bring us to himself and experience his warm embrace. Having been the recipient of such grace, we are called to then become ministers of reconciliation with others. That includes those we have wronged and those who have wronged us.

In our reconciliation with God, it is God who is glorified. In our reconciliation with others, the end result should be the same – the glory of God.

You can watch the sermon in it’s entirety by clicking here.

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