Beware of False Teachers & Teachings

This article and ones that spin off of this one are not the kind that I prefer to write. I love writing about the truths of who God is, how he reveals himself in his word, the gospel, and living out the these wonderful truths.

Factor #1: Bible Study

Two factors, however, push me towards this kind of writing. The first factor concerns what God is teaching me in my own Bible studies. In my private times with the Lord, I have been reading through the Psalms. In several of the Psalms, the enemies of God and his people are identified as those who distort the truth and oppress the people of the kingdom. Our archenemy is the devil and he has a long history of distorting God’s word. It is from his lies that we need protection.

In my teaching ministry, I have been working through Paul’s second letter to Timothy. This letter was Paul’s farewell address to his young protege. During the four chapters of this book, Paul consistently reminded Timothy of the truth of the gospel while simultaneously warning him about those who would creep into the church and distort this gospel. In each of the four chapters, Paul names names and exposes these opponents of God.

It is a serious matter distort the true gospel or to proclaim a false gospel. In fact, Paul elsewhere declared that these false teachers were anathema or accursed (Gal 1:9).

Factor #2: Christian Gullibility

The second factor motivating these articles is the gullibility of today’s Christian. I am somewhat surprised when I hear or read folks who unwittingly are falling in line with false teaching. Some of these are people who would readily identify as Christian. They would quickly avow their belief in the Bible as the Word of the Lord and the only sure guide. I can only assume that these folks have not plunged the depths of their Bibles, nor have they thought critically or biblically regarding that which they are reading and hearing.

Note that I am not here concerned with the false isms outside of the church. I expect unbelievers to get it wrong. We could wring our hands and fret about how atheists and the nones misunderstand the gospel. But when self is worshiped above God, how could they not misunderstand?

So open up your Bibles and pray that the Lord would clearly bring to your mind and heart what is the true and saving gospel revealed in the Scriptures.