Justin Bieber at The Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.

Justin Bieber

This weekend Justin Bieber took time out of his European tour to visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Anne Frank was the young 13 year old girl who hid with her family and others in this house for two years trying to avoid arrest by the Nazis in World War II. Eventually they were discovered and transported to concentration camps. Seven months later Anne Frank died in the concentration camp.

During her hiding she kept a diary. That diary made it through the war and has served as a great historical document related to the Holocaust.

So Bieber visited the Anne Frank house for more than an hour with his friends and guards. This information is according to the Anne Frank House Facebook page

The Facebook page provided the quote of Bieber’s comments in the guest book for the house (provided at the top of the article).

The first two sentences would have been fine, but why that last one?

Bieber’s hope that Anne Frank would have been a fan smacks of arrogance. It is the problematic aspect of much of our culture – a distorted focus on self. Being truly inspired should have left him as a fan of hers without any regard as to whether she would be one of his.

It is also a sad commentary on the grasp of evil in our history. I have visited Holocaust memorials in Germany, Israel and the United States. Each time my soul was left with a bewilderment at the horrors that man is capable of committing.

Hopefully somebody will be able to sit down with Bieber and convince him that life is not simply about himself.