Book Review – “Called and Accountable” by Henry and Norman Blackaby

Called and Accountable Henry Blackaby is the noted author of Experiencing God.  That book has been used by numerous churches and individuals to join God on mission.

In Called and Accountable: Discovering Your Place in God’s Eternal Purpose, Blackaby is joined by his son, Norman in writing what could be called the prequel to Experiencing God.

The major thrust of the book is that each and every Christian is called by God to be on mission with God.  Pastors are not the only ones who are called and accountable.

Throughout the book, the authors rely on large portions of scriptural references to make their case.  This is extremely helpful.  The only problem is that at times they use passages that are probably not normative for today’s Christians.  Instead they probably were specific for the particular prophet or individual in the text.

The authors also provide examples from modern men and women of the principles being fleshed out.  For a target audience of Joe Christian, this enables the reader to relate to people like them.

Some may be left uneasy with the authors’ definition and use of “developing our spiritual senses.”  Surely we should all have our minds saturated with the scriptures and our hearts filled with the spirit.  However, daily decisions or lifetime decisions may not be as mystically discerned as this book suggests.

For those who have read Experiencing God, this book will help lay the foundation for what you have previously read.  All readers will be challenged to look for opportunities to be on mission with God.  This makes the book worthwhile for your reading.

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  1. While this book might be good at the foundational level, the author does use many verses out of context and the believer should be wary when doing this study to make sure they are getting a theologically sound interpretation of scripture. For more, research other reviews on similar texts authored by Blackaby.

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