Book Review: Lead Like Ike by Geoff Loftus

One of the most daunting tasks of leadership in the 20th century had to be assembling and leading a force to put an end to the powerful German army determined to rule the world.  That task fell upon the shoulders of Dwight D. Eisenhower.  The consequences of his leadership would determine life, death and liberty for millions.

Geoff Loftus takes a look at how Eisenhower would lead the military forces of several nations to defeat Hitler and Germany in Lead Like Ike: Ten Business Strategies from the CEO of D-Day.  Loftus’ intent is for leaders of today to learn by observing Eisenhower.  In doing so Loftus names the Allied forces as D-Day Inc.  and presents Eisenhower as the CEO.  He then tracks Eisenhower’s actions from setting up an organization until victory is achieved.

Reading through this book puts the reader inside the command post of the Allied forces.  It is fascinating to see the interaction between the various personalities of WWII.  If you enjoy reading history, especially about this pivotal event, then you will enjoy this book.  If you are a leader, there are many lessons to be gleaned from observing Eisenhower.

One of the strengths is that not only does Loftus provide us with ten leadership strategies, but he interjects specific applications of theses strategies throughout the narrative.  At the end of each chapter, he also provides debriefing notes which focus on the lessons of the story.  In so doing the overarching strategies are fleshed out.

Although Eisenhower successfully fulfilled his mission using these strategies, the reader does get to see the times that this General failed.  The reader is able to learn from these failures as well as from the successes.

I was left with a greater appreciation for Eisenhower.  The manner in which he thought and felt about his soldiers is lesson enough for any leader.


  1. Determine Your Mission
  2. Plan for Success
  3. Stay Focused
  4. Prioritize
  5. Plan to Implement
  6. Communicate
  7. Motivate Your People
  8. Manage Your People
  9. Avoid Project Creep
  10. Be Honest

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