Book Review – “Tough Calls: Game-Winning Principles for Leaders Under Pressure” by Travis Collins

CollinsTravis Collins is a Southern Baptist pastor in Richmond, Virginia.  He has served as a missionary in both Venezuela and Nigeria.  He moonlights as a football official calling high school games in Virginia.

In this book, Tough Calls: Game-Winning Principles for Leaders Under Pressure, Collins blends his ministry work with his officiating work to develop principles for leaders.  As a Christian who enjoys football (see my other website, Frank Analysis), I was intrigued with the prospects of this book.

Collins provides insights into being a wise and decisive leader.  The target audience is those who find themselves in leadership roles.  He does include helpful information for followers and for those who might light from the second position in an organization.

The 27 chapters are divided into 7 sections.  These sections explore the nature of leadership and decision making, the necessity of being poised as a leader, handling criticism and conflict, and dealing with people issues.  In the end, the final chapter is “Make the Call–It’s Your Job.” At the end of each chapter he has an application section called, “Just for Vocational Ministers.”  Others will also benefit from these application sections.

I loved this book.  Collins skillfully weaves stories from the world of sports officiating into his principles for leaders.  The reader will be challenged to provide wise leadership that is neither weak nor overbearing.  He presents a leadership that can listen and handle criticisms without taking them personally.  Bullies don’t get a free pass.  He presents principles for dealing with them, too.

Collins presents a leader that I would sign up to follow.  I would love to watch him in action – whether in the church or on the football field.  In a day in which leaders regularly fail and personalities often overtake principles, this is a refreshing reminder that principled leadership will lead to success.

You can click on one of the Amazon links in this article to purchase the book.  Amazon’s price is $11.69.  Amazon also lists links where you buy for the book used for as little as $3.95 or new for as little as $8.05.  I recommend that leaders get a copy.

You can also get your copy in the Pulpit 2 Pew Bookstore.

Tough Calls: Game-Winning Principles for Leaders Under Pressure