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PrayerMate: Christian Prayer List App

I began using PrayerMate recently. To say that I am an avid fan would be an understatement. It is a tool that I use everyday to help me with the ministry of intercessory prayer. If you have a smart phone or tablet, you really should get this. Don’t consider it optional.

PrayerMate is an app that I use on my iPhone and iPad. The information automatically syncs between the two. As the name indicates it is an app with the purpose of getting users to pray and pray with laser focus. A great selling point is that it is free. That’s right – free.

What I Like About PrayerMate

1. I like that it is a breeze to make lists of people for whom I want to pray.

Making the list is easy. Adding names to the list is easy.

2. I like that it allows me to determine the frequency with which I will pray for folks.

I want to pray for some close relations or urgent needs on a daily basis.

For others I want to be reminded to pray for them on a weekly basis.

My largest list is the one that has each person that attends my Bible Study class. That list has well over 50 names. I set these for prayer every ten days. This means that I will focus on praying for every member of the group three times in a month.

PrayerMate allows you to set the frequency that works best for you.

3. I like that I can easily add information that informs me of what to pray for people.

A Bible passage can be added that applies to what I am praying for that person. I can add the specific request for each person individually. Answered prayers can be recorded as well.

4. I like that when I swipe left I see only the prayer card for one person.

I’m not distracted by others in that moment. My focus is on taking that person before the Lord. I can even add a photo onto the card that allows me to visualize the one for whom I am praying.

5. Did I mention that PrayerMate is free?

I like that. You will not be pressured for any funds. Should you choose, you can become a patron. The app was built in the spare time by Andy Geers. Andy is a Christian who lives in London.

What I Don’t Like About PrayerMate

1. It is not available on my Mac.

Seriously, this is the only thing I don’t like. But it is understandable since it has taken and takes so much work for Geers to get the phone and tablet versions up and running. He has told me that someday I might get this version, too.

For more information and to get the app – PrayerMate

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