Christ-Follower Bubba Watson Wins 2012 Masters

We do well to be cautious of putting celebrities on Christian pedestals. However, it is always encouraging when somebody in the public light counts being a Christian as the primary role in life. Such appears to be the case with Bubba Watson.

Check out this section from an article about Bubba’s life and then click on the link for a more detailed story.

Rather, take one look at his Twitter profile and you may figure out what’s different about Watson.

@bubbawatson: Christian. Husband. Daddy. Pro Golfer. Owner of General Lee 1.

And pay close attention to the order.

Watson is an outspoken Christian golfer and he uses his Twitter account — along with his platform as one of the PGA Tour’s magnetic personalities — to share about his faith in Christ.

via BGEA: Bubba Watson Wins 2012 Masters.

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