10 Charles Spurgeon Quotes on Psalm 44

The Treasury of David

image of charles spurgeon

Reading Charles Spurgeon is always a good activity. Reading Charles Spurgeon’s The Treasury of David is especially a good activity.

Here are ten quotes from The Prince of Preachers from the Psalm 44 section of The Treasury of David.

  1. Alas! for the deserted soul; no calamity can equal the sorrow of being left of God, though it be but for a small moment.
  2. Alas! for a church and people when the Lord in the active energy of his Spirit withdraws from them, they want no greater shame or sorrow.
  3. Not petulantly, but piteously and enquiringly, we may question the Lord when his dealings are mysterious.
  4. Those who follow God for what they get, will leave him when persecution is stirred up.
  5. The suffering of his chosen touch the heart of God.
  6. To be true to a smiting God, even when the blows lay our joys in ruinous heaps, is to be such as the Lord delighteth in.
  7. Better to be broken by God than from God.
  8. This would be the first step in apostasy; men first forget the true, and then adore the false.
  9. God’s saints may be thus abject, they may be not only in the dust, but on the dunghill with Job and Lazarus, but their day cometh, and their tide will turn, and they shall have a brave summer after their bitter winter.
  10. Mercy is always a safe plea, and never will any man find a better.