Christian Super Bowl Ad???

With all of the pre-game hype over the Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mother, most people did not realize that another commercial was developed and made by a church.  One advertiser created a contest for people to submit an ad on behalf of the company.  The winning submission was revealed when the ad ran during the Super Bowl.  It may surprise you to discover that a Los Angeles church created the winning submission.  The ad was for Doritos.  The church is Mosaic in Los Angeles pastored by Erwin McManus.

The ad was the 14th most popular ad for the Super Bowl according to USA Today‘s Ad Meter.  2 other Doritos ads scored higher.  I certainly have no problem with a church using talented people to create an TV ad.  In fact, I like McManus’ comments in a USA Today article.

We’re not trying to use Doritos to propagate a message, but I think we want people to know that we have a sense of humor, that it’s OK to laugh.  So much of what comes out of the faith community seems so dour and somber and we want to say, ‘Hey, we’re real people. You can be a person of faith and really enjoy life and laugh.’

The quote that I do differ on is from Mark Labberton, professor of preaching at Fullerton Theological Seminary.  Labberton said,

Nobody’s going to fall on their knees and accept Jesus as a result of this spot. But advertisers on Madison Avenue spend millions on a Super Bowl spot because they know it influences people.  It might not get someone converted, but I think it will get someone to say, ‘Maybe there is something I ought to investigate.’

Professor Labberton, it was a commercial for Doritos.  The only thing somebody might investigate is if they have a bag of chips in the pantry.