Christ’s Resurrection Makes All the Difference

The resurrection of Jesus gives each of us hope and victory over the sins that have wounded or killed our souls. As a sinner, I am grateful, excited, emboldened, energized, awe-struck, worshipful, joyful and amazed that the Son of God would pay the price for my sin and kick it in the teeth by his resurrection.

Peter was such a sinner. He was extremely close to Jesus during Jesus’ ministry on earth. But in the climatic moment of Jesus arrest and crucifixion, Peter thrice denied that he knew Jesus. I know what that is like. Fear and despair filled Peter when he heard the news of the resurrection…until Jesus showed love and grace to him. Then Peter knew the power of the resurrection.

In this video, Don Francisco skillfully communicates this story. I hope you will watch it and that you will know the power of the resurrection. He is alive!!!

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