Concierge 15.01.07


The One You Cannot Trust

by Jen Thorn

Every day brings with it a hundred decisions for which we are responsible. Most of them we make without much thought, like getting dressed, making breakfast, wiping noses, or driving the same route over and over again.  But then there are decisions that we need to make that take much thought and prayer. We agonize over some of them and often rely on the counsel of others. In the midst of these big decisions we receive one terrible piece of advice. You know it well. “Just follow your heart.”

Light in the Darkness

at Commission Stores

The best pictures of 2014 taken by photographers of the International Mission Board of the SBC.

How the Transgender Lobby Is Using a Teen’s Death

by Carl Trueman

Thus, this lobby is already establishing cultural norms and, perhaps more importantly, it now desires to set legal precedents which will have much wider significance for society as a whole. Indeed, that is why it already appears bigoted, hateful, and laughably insane to regard physical bodies as having any real significance for our gender identity. It is also why it appears to be rational to call for the prosecution of, or even the denial of parenthood to, those parents who happen to disagree.

The Most Important Neglected Prayer

by Drew Hunter

This first line of the Lord’s Prayer is one of the most familiar in the Bible. It is one of the most commonly prayed prayers in history. Yet among believers it is often underappreciated and misunderstood.

Islam and ethnic identity

by Zane Pratt

North American Christians are often confused about the relationship between the religion of Islam and the ethnic identity of Muslims. This confusion takes two forms. The first form has to do with the relationship between Islamic religious identity and Arabic ethnic identity. The second form relates to the depth to which Islamic religious identity has penetrated the ethnic identities of all Muslim people groups.

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