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Do Some Pray More Effectually Than Others?

by Mark Jones

Do all professing Christians pray with the same efficacy? Does our godliness or lack thereof affect our prayers in terms of the influence they have on God to answer them?

The Gay Funeral Fiasco

by R.C. Sproul Jr.

Christians need not be ashamed to not be compelled to celebrate what they find repugnant.

Why It Matters That the Exodus Really Happened

by Gregory Thornbury

At several points in the Gospels, Jesus refers to Moses and his commandments as though Moses really wrote them. At the Last Supper, Jesus connected his physical deathblood and bodywith that of Moses’ Passover Lamb sparing the life of the Israelites during the Plague of the Firstborn. Did Jesus predicate his own sacrificial death on the cross upon an event that never occurred? If that is the case, the entire covenantal nature of the biblical narrative falls apart. Jesus of Nazareth cannot be “the new Moses” if Moses never existed. What we’re left with is the Messiah of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstarone who simply dies on the cross. Cut to the credits.

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The Gospel in Guatemala

by Ivan Mesa

A couple of decades ago, I spent about a week in Guatemala preaching, evangelizing and ministering. This article provides a view of the work of God in the country. Hopefully you will be more mindful to pray for God’s work in this nation.

Guatemala is considered by many to be a “Christian” nation, and while I hear people use Jesus’s name all the time, it’s usually as a means to other things. Prosperity theology, pastoral abuse, biblical illiteracy, and corrupted ministry practices are all too common. The truth is that Guatemala is not so much “Christian” as it is confused. People know Jesus as a symbol of Christianity but not who he is as the Bible expounds him. Generally speaking, Christianity in Guatemala is dominated by Roman Catholic restrictions, syncretistic paganism, immature leadership, and a tragic misunderstanding of the gospel. There is still much work to be done here.

William Tyndale on God’s Sovereign Election

by Steven Lawson

Tyndale affirmed that sovereign election glorifies God, humbles man, initiates salvation, and honors Scripture. This doctrine gave Tyndale great confidence in all his endeavors as he was reliant upon God for all things.

If the Lord Marks Iniquity, Who Would Stand?

by R.C. Sproul

In our day we have witnessed the eclipse of the gospel. That dark shadow that obscures the light of the gospel is not limited to Rome or liberal Protestantism; it looms heavily within the Evangelical community. The very phrase “preaching the gospel” has come to describe every form of preaching but the preaching of the gospel. The “New” gospel is one that worries not about sin. It feels no great need for justification. It readily dismisses the imputation of Christ’s righteousness as an essential need for salvation. We have substituted the “unconditional love” of God for the imputation of the righteousness of Christ. If God loves us all unconditionally, who needs the righteousness of Christ?

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The Girl in the Tuxedo: Two Variations on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

by Jean Lloyd

I embraced and then renounced an active lesbian life to follow the God who made me and called me by name into His love. I began to trust the One who knew the truth of my identity more than I did, who wrote His image into my being and body as female, and who designed sexuality and set boundaries upon it for my good.

“You Must Be Born Again”

by Keith Mathison

We do not believe in order to be regenerated; we must be regenerated in order that we might believe. Regeneration precedes faith.

Everyone’s A Theologian

by R.C. Sproul

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