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The Sexual Revolution’s Coming Refugee Crisis

by Russell Moore

The Sexual Revolution certainly seems triumphant. After a generation of no-fault divorce, cohabitation, ubiquitous pornography, and the cultural unhinging of sex from marriage and marriage from childbearing, we now see the courts and the culture decoupling marriage from even its most basic reality: gender.

The danger is that we assume that the Sexual Revolution will always be triumphant, progressing upward and onward. To assume such is to assume that the Sexual Revolution will be able to keep its promises. It can’t.

Moore points out the two types of churches that will not be able to reach these refugees of the sexual revolution.

  1. The church that is so scared of people that we scream at them in anger and condemnation.
  2. The church that gives up, or silences, its convictions because they’re not popular.

5 Kinds of Revival the Church Needs Today

by Charles Spurgeon

Spurgeon longed for, prayed for and preached for the genuine revival of the church. This article applies not only to Spurgeon’s day, but to our day as well.

I would sooner have the doctrines of grace revived, individual piety deepened, and family religion increased, than I would watch a frantic crowd parading the street with noisy music, and harsh clamor.

  1. We need a work of the Holy Ghost of a supernatural kind.
  2. We want a revival of old-fashioned doctrine.
  3. Urgently do we need a revival of personal godliness.
  4. We deeply want a revival of domestic religion.
  5. We need saints.

The Lord hear us as in secret we often cry to thee on behalf of this misled land. The Lord deliver it, and lift up the light of his countenance upon it yet again, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Why Preaching?

by Brad Wheeler

Although this is article may be addressed to preachers, it sets forth truth that the entire church needs to understand.

Before you forgo Scripture for the fine arts in your Sunday gathering, let me offer a few reasons why preaching ought to be not only present but primary to the life of your local church.

The Prayer Meeting Revival

by Vance Christie

Many Christians in the U.S.A. are deeply concerned about the troubling spiritual and social conditions of our country. All the best efforts of political leaders, social service organizations and churches seem powerless to stop our nation’s relentless moral decline and all the horrific consequences that decline produces. But we can gain helpful perspectives from America’s Prayer Meeting Revival (also called the Businessmen’s Revival) of 1857-1858.

The Prosperity Gospel Sermon Jam

by John Piper

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