Concierge 15.08.21

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Destinations for your Christian journey.

My Own Pilgrim’s Progress

by Timothy George

What a great autobiographical account by George of following the Lord in two key decisions of life. Having lived in Louisville, I especially enjoyed the role of Cave Hill Cemetery in his story. That may sound strange if you have not lived in Louisville. So do yourself a favor and read about it here.

There Is No Better Life

by Tim Challies

The old catechism says it well: The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. You and I exist for God’s glory. In fact, all things exist for God’s glory. We get that. But how? How do we glorify God? I want to list 4 simple ways that you can glorify God today and every day.

  1. Glorify God by Admiring God
  2. Glorify God by Worshipping God
  3. Glorify God by Obeying God
  4. Glorify God by Delighting in God

What Does Sola Scriptura Mean

by John MacArthur

Scripture is therefore the perfect and only standard of spiritual truth, revealing infallibly all that we must believe in order to be saved and all that we must do in order to glorify God. That—no more, no less—is what sola Scriptura means.

4 Principles for the Exercise of Christian Liberty

by Sinclair Ferguson

That does not mean that I must become the slave of another’s conscience. John Calvin puts the point well when he says that we restrain the exercise of our freedom for the sake of weak believers, but not when we are faced with Pharisees who demand that we conform to what is unscriptural.

Augustine and ‘The City of God’

by Gervase Charmley

You’ll love this article if you are interested in the discipline of history. If that’s not you, then you really need to read it.

History was a neglected discipline in the later Roman Empire; the great historians of the past, Tacitus and Herodotus, were neglected, their writings used only as quarries for illustrations by the rhetoricians. The philosophy of the age was anti-historical, as if the end of history had arrived. But Augustine had a greater influence that overpowered the thought of the age around him, the Christian conviction that God works in history, ‘The incarnation of the Word in space and time makes Christianity an historical religion and, as such, a daily invitation to the study of history.

The 100 Best Novels Written in the English Language

by The Guardian

Many of these books would not be on my list, but it is interesting…especially at the top of the list. I would agree that #1 is The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan.

However, I would place Moby Dick by Herman Melville at #2 and certainly not at #17.

Trigger Warning! The Bible May Disturb Your Emotional Health

by Trevin Wax

Can you imagine how many trigger warnings the Bible would get? If there has ever been a book that is designed to make you uncomfortable and challenge your way of thinking, it’s the Bible.

The Church is Not a Ghetto

by R.C. Sproul

The church is not a ghetto or a reservation. True, the world wants to put us there, to force us out of the world into the four walls of the church building, outside of which we are never to speak of sin or the salvation that comes only in Christ. However, we don’t have to let the world do that. I fear that all too often we blame the world for our failure to engage it when, in reality, we are more comfortable hiding from the world’s hostility.

Connecting Church and Culture

by Russell Moore & Mark Dever

This week’s video is from a panel discussion held in the after hours of the Southern Baptist Convention this June in Columbus. I was in attendance and thought that these two men offer great insight that continues to be helpful.