Concierge 15.08.28

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Destinations for your Christian journey

The Reality of the Demonic Realm

by R.C. Sproul Jr.

This article is a great piece to read in conjunction with the article I posted this week, A Theology of Spiritual Warfare.

The Christian is engaged in a three-front war. The Bible, replete with martial language, bears this out. The great evil trinity against which we fight is the world, the flesh, and the Devil. In our day we have made friends with the world, and we have reduced our flesh down to a few psychological crossed wires. We have lost sight of these two battlefields precisely because we have lost sight of the third. In other words, we miss that we are at war with the world and our flesh because the Devil has defeated us in battle — we have forgotten that he exists.

4 Simple Ways Fred Elliot Discipled His Children

by Sean Nolan

Fred Elliot was the father of missionary Jim Elliot who gave his life on the mission field.

Maybe some of our own sons will shake the gates of hell much like Jim Elliot did.

Congratulations! It’s a Gender-Neutral

by George Lawson

I can still remember the excitement I had as a father-to-be. I sat next to my wife during one of her pre-natal visits and our baby was finally far enough along for us to get our first glimpse of our bundle of joy. At last, with the help of ultrasound technology, we could decide whether to paint the room pink or blue and we could eliminate at least 50 percent of the names we were considering. Or could we?

Questions About Prayer

by Kenneth Macleod

It is good for us to pray: to commit our present and future circumstances to God, who rules over everything and does so wisely. We should not only commit to him our days and years in this world, but especially our eternal future. We should not only commit to him the ordinary affairs of life, but especially our spiritual needs, so that we would live holy lives, seeking to spend our days to God’s glory.

Can I Be Honest?

by Andy Love

I used to critique pastors like I was an ESPN analyst working Tim Tebow over on a Monday Morning. If I didn’t love their style, I panned them. If they weren’t leading with the bullish authority I felt was needed, I voiced my lack of confidence in them (though not to them in person, of course…better to share with others, right?).  If they just “weren’t meeting my needs,” I was ready to pack up and leave, take my ball and go elsewhere, if the pattern continued.

Should Women Wear Head Coverings?

by Benjamin Merkle

His (Paul’s) argument from creation explains how man is the image and glory of God, and how the woman is the glory of man. Christian women are not required to wear head coverings today when praying, since the symbol of a woman’s head being covered is different today than it was during the time of Paul.

Encouraging Parents of Prodigals

by Diane Bucknell

Because training in Biblical parenting is often focused on  being a “successful” parent,  there’s usually not much preparation  for the possibility that a child might grow up and reject the faith.  Unfortunately, not many books give attention  to the sovereignty of God in our children’s salvation.

God Wrote a Book

by John Piper

The week’s video is but five minutes long. If you want to be charged up about reading your Bible, watch this.