Concierge 15.09.18

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Why Christianity Is Surging in the Heart of Islam

by Jayson Casper

“We believe God is answering prayer. We really need to get the message out that there are opportunities here that haven’t existed for 1,400 years.”

A quarter of Burgess’s fellowship identifies as non-Christian. Sixty percent had not attended church in years. Many are surprised by the opportunities to share their faith, even with Muslims, if done within a strong relationship.

Ditch the Man Cave

This week’s meme exhorts men to make a priority of reading and study over sports and entertainment.

cave v study

Five Marks of Revived Churches

by Ray Ortlund

Ortlund outlines the five marks which he gleaned from a 1987 book by J.I. Packer. Click over to read Packer’s comment on each mark.

  1. Awareness of God’s Presence
  2. Responsiveness to God’s Word
  3. Sensitiveness to Sin
  4. Liveliness in Community
  5. Fruitfulness in Testimony

Lost Coins, Lost Sheep and Covering the Harlot

by Martin Luther

A truly Christian work is it that we descend and get so mixed up in the mire of the sinner as deeply as he sticks there himself, taking his sin upon ourselves and floundering out of it with him, not acting otherwise than as if his sin were our own. We should rebuke and deal with him in earnest; yet we are not to despise but sincerely to love him.

Gathering Together

by Brian Croft

Here are five important reasons why it is essential that every Christian gather with other Christians in the same local church weekly to hear the preaching of God’s Word from the undershepherds of that congregation.

  1. A Christian’s faith is fueled by hearing God’s Word.
  2. Hearing God’s Word from your own shepherd is unique to every other encounter with God’s proclaimed Word.
  3. Never underestimate the power of personal connection.
  4. Spiritual fruit comes from hearing with others.
  5. Public sermons lead to corporate discipleship.

Helpers for Unfinished Husbands

by Elizabeth Wann

God uses marriage itself to sanctify wives and husbands, so they can be like Christ to each other. It might take many years of sanctifying marriage for a husband to learn Christlike headship, and even then it will be imperfect. Wives, as helpmates, come alongside their husbands in this unfinished work.

The Best Day of the Week

by Nick Kennicott

Lord’s Day worship isn’t a burden to endure, but a joyful offering from God to receive. Christians don’t put aside their earthly cares each week to earn God’s favor, but to enjoy worshipping the God whose favor has already been granted in Jesus Christ.

What Is the Eye of a Needle

by Cameron Buettel

In context, His point is unmistakable: Manufacturing your own salvation is just as impossible as threading a massive beast of burden through the eye of a sewing needle. Apart from the intervention of the Lord, it cannot be done.

Diplomacy or D-Day?

by Gregory Koukl

(It) is not so much about being a confrontational apologist as it is about being a diplomatic ambassador. In tough times we bless, and when blessing others still brings persecution, we hold fast to Christ, speak our mind intelligently and graciously, and shame the harsh opposition because of our genial diplomacy.

The Passions that Prevent Adultery

by John Piper

In this short clip, Piper teaches how Christianity produces the passions that prevent adultery and any other sin that proceeds from our ungodly passions.