Concierge 15.09.25

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The Case Against the Papacy

by Gene Vieth

In honor of Pope Francis’s visit to the United States and in recognition of the papal envy being expressed by many Protestants, we offer Melanchthon’s case against the papacy.

Meme of the Week


A Powerful Practice for Prayer

by Tim Challies

A call to prayer must never be regarded as a distraction; always respond to it immediately, and thank God if it happens to you frequently.

3 Objections to the Doctrine of Election

by Tim Keller

The doctrine of election—that those who freely come to God are those whom God has freely chosen—is easy to understand, and clearly taught in God’s Word, but it is not easy to accept. It has given thoughtful believers problems for centuries, and continues to do so today.

The Doctrines of Grace: By His Grace and For His Glory

by Steven Lawson

This is why the doctrines of grace are so desperately needed in our churches. They give glory to God alone. They define salvation as being all of God. When salvation is correctly perceived in this way, then—and only then—God receives all the glory for it. Only sola gratia produces soli Deo gloria.

The Difference Between Judas and Peter

by R.C. Sproul

The intercession of our Great High Priest is the foundation for our confidence when it comes to our perseverance. It also helps us make sense of the accounts of Peter and Judas, two of Jesus’ disciples who experienced a serious fall. One disciple’s fall away from Christ is seen as a final and full work of apostasy, whereas the other disciple’s fall is not final and full because he is restored. And we see that their crime against Christ was very similar. Judas betrayed Jesus. And that same night, Peter denied Christ.

Five Suggestions for Christians in the Midst of the Sexual Revolution

by Kevin DeYoung

  1. Do not be shrill.
  2. Do not be silent.
  3. Do not neglect singles.
  4. Do not outsmart yourself.
  5. Do not be scared.

4 Truths About Hell

by Tom Ascol

  1. Hell is a state of separation from God.
  2. Hell is a state of association.
  3. Hell is a state of punishment.
  4. Hell is an everlasting state.