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Destinations for the Pilgrimage

⇒ The Most Important Thing My Dad Taught Me

by Ray Ortlund

Halfway Christianity is the most miserable existence of all.  Halfhearted Christians know enough about their sin to feel guilty, but they haven’t gone far enough with the Savior to become happy.

⇒ Featured Quote Card

Dever Prayer

⇒ The Futility of Political Change

by John MacArthur

We can’t protect or expand the cause of Christ by human political and social activism, no matter how great or sincere the efforts. Ours is a spiritual battle against worldly ideologies and dogmas that are arrayed against God, and we achieve victory over them only with the weapon of Scripture.

⇒ Lessons from a Pillar of Salt

by Jen Wilkin

My prayer is that the memory of our past sins would be laced with the pungent odor of the fires of Sodom—the reek of God’s wrath exterminating the godlessness of our former days, the aroma of God’s grace pointing us toward new life, eyes fixed on our Savior.

⇒ Don’t Confuse Spirituality with Righteousness

by R.C.Sproul

Spirituality and piety are not ends in themselves. In fact they are worthless unless they are means to a higher goal. The goal must go beyond spirituality to righteousness.

⇒ A Child Was Bored in the Service

by Geoff Thomas

The prevailing ecclesiastical situation today in which many consider the worst sin a church can commit is to bore children. Yet is not the routine and dull pattern of much of our toil the very life which all mankind must face.

⇒ Worth It

by Jason Helopoulos

The treasure and joy we gain in the present–and which awaits us in eternity–far surpasses all that we may lose in this life. Christians, no less than unbelievers who are hesitant to yield their life to Christ, do well to remind themselves of this sure promise.

⇒ One Family Under God

by Tom Ascol

In this model of ministry, it is possible that the only place where grandparents, parents, and children see each other at church gatherings is in the parking lot.

♦♦♦During my days of hotel management, hotel guests often asked for my recommendation for local points of interest. These points could be things to do, attractions to see or places to eat. Concierge is a feature that points to destinations online for those on the Christian journey.