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Destinations for the Pilgrimage

⇒ The Christian Worldview Stands Against Women in the Draft

by Grant Castleberry

I recently was watching the New Hampshire Republican presidential debate. My jaw dropped when all three of the candidates who were questioned stated their support for including women in registering for the draft. One of the leading candidates came out the next day stating his opposition. I stand with this article in opposing the requirement that my granddaughters be forced to register.

The Christian worldview offers something so much better than gender-neutral experiments. The church constituted in the name of a self-sacrificial savior calls men to lay down their lives for women and children. We men gladly put ourselves on the line because we are following our head, the Lord Jesus Christ, who sacrificially laid down his life for his people (Ephesians 5:25-26). Without hesitation, we are ready to protect women and children at the expense of our own lives. This is a weighty responsibility, but even if no one else joins us in owning it, we will bear it gladly.

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⇒ Our Story

By R.C. Sproul

We’ve been called to have dominion over the earth to the glory of God, but we want dominion over the earth and over the heavens for the glory of man. That’s what was going on at Babel—a distortion, an evil twisting of the legitimate task that God has given to mankind. There’s nothing wrong with building. There’s nothing wrong with sowing and reaping. Those are the tasks that God gave to us in creation, but they’re to be done under the authority of God. They’re to be done coram Deo, before the face of God, under the authority of God, and unto the glory of God.

⇒ The Normal Battle with Bitterness

by Eric Davis

Bitterness is an ugly sin that rears its head in my heart far too often. I found this article to be one that I needed to read.

It’s inevitable. People are going to hurt us. Even those close to you. In fact, perhaps especially those close to you.

With every hurt, there is the potential to wake the bitterness monster. He’s a light sleeper. And he’s more clever than we think. Even a small relationship scuffle is enough to arouse him into action. We mustn’t underestimate him.

⇒ Read Scripture Series: Ruth

by The Bible Project

I don’t know when I have been more impressed with a video. The folks behind this are doing a masterful job of giving Bible readers a visual overview of different books and sections of the Bible. This one is just over 7 minutes long. You will want to take that time to watch.

⇒ A Stunning Symbol of Christ

by David Murray

If you could choose a symbol of your life from nature, something that would describe and define you, what would you choose? A mountain – to portray your reliability? A rose – to convey your beauty? A stallion – to impress with your strength? An orange tree – to remind of your fruitfulness? Jesus chose a grain of wheat. A tiny, insignificant, unnoticed, little-thought-upon seed. And a dying one at that.

⇒ 3 Things to Remember about Your (Imperfect) Marriage

by Paul Tripp

  1. You are conducting your marriage in a fallen world.
  2. You are a sinner married to a sinner.
  3. God is faithful, powerful, and willing.

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