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Destinations for the Pilgrimage

⇒ Comfort for Parents of Unconverted Children

by Jim Elliff

The miracle of the new birth is no less possible for God if our child is attentive to Him or running away from Him. Our child is like all other children when it comes to God’s grace. He is dead spiritually whether he is in church or not, whether he listened well to the truths we tried to teach him or did not, whether he has some interest in God now or has none at all. He may be converted in the pig pen or the pew.

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⇒ Martin Luther’s Death and Legacy

By Stephen Nichols

When his congregation heard Luther preach, they did not see Luther but instead saw Christ and Him Crucified. That is Luther’s legacy.

⇒ Martin Bucer

by Stephen Nichols

Bucer was a genius, especially when it came to the biblical languages. He was a skilled interpreter of Hebrew and a skilled exegete in Greek. He was also a very skillful pastor. He had the ability to take the ideas of the Reformation and bring them right down to the pew and to the people of God.

⇒ Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me

by Kate Bowler

The prosperity gospel sprang, in part, from the American metaphysical tradition of New Thought, a late-19th-century ripening of ideas about the power of the mind: Positive thoughts yielded positive circumstances, and negative thoughts negative circumstances.

⇒ Sanctification in the Walmart Line

by Persis Lorenti

I know that I can relate to this article. It helps to think that my response is a matter of my sanctification.

⇒ Your 7 Responsibilities as a Church Member

by Jonathan Leeman

The first item on this list seems to be so obvious. Yet I see folks who spend more Sunday mornings at leisure than they do in worship.

♦♦♦During my days of hotel management, hotel guests often asked for my recommendation for local points of interest. These points could be things to do, attractions to see or places to eat. Concierge is a feature that points to destinations online for those on the Christian journey.