Concierge 17.01

Online Points of Interest

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During my days of hotel work, guests often asked for recommendations to local points of interest. These points might be things to do, attractions to see or places to eat.

Concierge is a feature that points to destinations online for guests to this blog.

The Early Symptoms of Spiritual Danger by Sinclair Ferguson

The solemn fact is that none of us can tell the difference between the beginning of backsliding and the beginning of apostasy. Both look the same. So what are the tell-tale signs of this sickness unto death? Are there early symptoms that might alert us to our spiritual danger?

Words Matter: Recovering Godly Speech in a Culture of Profanity by Jon D. Payne

Profanity itself is not new. Corrupt speech has been around since the fall of mankind. But the extensive and wide-ranging use of profanity is a new phenomena in our culture.

Why Congregational Singing Matters Today More Than Ever by Keith Getty

Congregational singing is far from dead, mainly because it’s connected to a source of life higher than cultural trends or modern comparisons.

Featured Quote Card by J.I. Packer

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Slain in the Shadow of the Almighty by John Piper

On January 8, 1956, Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Peter Flemming, and Roger Youderian were speared to death on a sandbar called “Palm Beach” in the Curaray River of Ecuador. They were trying to reach the Huaorani Indians for the first time in history with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Evangelicals Should Be Deeply Troubled by Donald Trump’s Attempt to Mainstream Heresy by Michael Horton

Thanks to the First Amendment, Christian orthodoxy has never been a test for public office. But it is striking that Trump has surrounded himself with cadre of prosperity evangelists who cheerfully attack basic Christian doctrines. The focus of this unity is a gospel that is about as diametrically opposed to the biblical one as you can imagine.

When a Loved One Goes Home to Jesus by Mark Jones

We certainly taste many joys in this life, but nothing can compare to the pure delight of unhindered fellowship with Jesus. We are destined for unspeakable joy in his presence.

The Revolution that Enslaves by R.C. Sproul

This sexual revolution is a war that’s been fought not against any earthly king but against the King of the cosmos, the Lord Himself. It’s a war with roots that stretch much further back than the sixties—to Eden, when Adam and Eve joined Satan’s cosmic revolt.

Teach Them: About Hell by Joel Beeke

Children are not too young to die, and therefore they are not too young to think about what will happen to them when they die. They need to hear about the Father’s house with its many mansions and the place that Jesus is preparing there for all who love Him and put their trust in Him for salvation. But our children also need to hear about the wages of sin, the state of eternal death and eternal separation from the love of God that is called hell.

Featured Book by Sinclair Ferguson

Devoted to God: Blueprints for Sanctification

Christians are transformed by the renewing of their minds. They understand that in large measure how they think about the gospel will determine how they will live for God’s glory. They learn to allow the word of God to do its own work, informing and influencing the way they think in order to shape the way they live.

In a series of Scripture-enriched chapters Sinclair B. Ferguson’s Devoted to God works out this principle in detail. It provides what he describes as ‘blueprints for sanctification’ an orderly exposition of central New Testament passages on holiness. Devoted to God thus builds a strong and reliable structural framework for practical Christian living. It stresses the foundational importance of fundamental issues such as union with Christ, the rhythms of spiritual growth, the reality of spiritual conflict, and the role of God’s law. Here is a fresh approach to an always relevant subject, and a working manual to which the Christian can turn again and again for biblical instruction and spiritual direction.