Daily Prayer: the Lord and his Word

mage for daily prayer

O Lord, grant that I would so delight in you that your word would burrow deeply within my soul, that it would saturate my mind, drip from my lips, govern my hands, and guide my feet so my delight in you ever increases.

The longer I walk with the Lord, the more my love grows for the Scriptures. I enjoy reading it, hearing it preached, and meditating on it. Here is the prayer that I prayed this morning after spending some time reading a Psalm and a few chapters from Amos.

My prayer is that my entire being would be effected by the Word of the God I love. Notice the connection between delighting in the Lord and being absorbed with his Word. Allow me to break down the various parts of the self which this prayer covers. This doesn’t cover every part of my being. That would be an even longer and better prayer. You can add those other parts to your prayer.

1. That his Word would burrow deeply within my soul.

I want the Word so far down inside of me that it never gets out…except when it is proclaimed or lived. When I look at the deep recesses of my inner man, I’m not always thrilled by what I see. In fact, I’m often horrified.

2. That his Word would saturate my mind.

I want my thoughts to be of the Word, about the Word, and about how to apply the Word. Too much of the world races through my mind. Word is greater than World. (Word>World)

3. That his Word would drip from my lips.

When I speak, whether to myself or others, it would be nice if my words echoed the Word of God. Far too often I speak of trivial matters when I could be speaking of spiritual truths.

4. That his Word would govern my hands.

Lord, keep me from idle hands or hands at the wrong plow. Let me be not only a hearer of the Word, but also a doer.

5. That his Word would guide my feet.

May I stay on the path which the Lord has prepared for me. I don’t want to go in any direction whereby I walk unaccompanied. Let me be a true follow of the Lord Jesus.

Each of these components must be motivated by my love for the Lord. Then I will find even more joy in the one who has made me, saved me, and sustains me.

Question: Which part of your being needs the infusion of God’s Word the most?