Are You Demon Possessed?

Are you demon possessed?  Finally, there is a simple 21 question test to let you know.

This test will cost you $9.95.  At the end of the test, you will be categorized and placed in a risk category for demon possession.  If you are at risk, you can schedule either 1-hour, 1/2 day or full day sessions with the man who can identify any demons and cast them out.

I’m not going to identify this man because I don’t want to give him any publicity.  He claims to have dealt with more demons than anybody on the planet. (I wonder who has dealt with the 2nd most.)  Let’s just say that if he has a rocker, he’s not sitting on it.

The questions cover a number of issues ranging from sinful behavior to traumatic experiences.  Parents and distant ancestors factor into the equation.  What would seem like the most obvious factor is the question about whether one has asked Satan into one’s life.

Keep in mind that demonic activity and possession does happen.  A real devil does exist.  But these charlatans prey on weak people.  I watched an account of one of this man’s recent exorcisms.  How sad.

I watched as a demon was encountered with the Word of God — well, not really.  The “encounter” was actually taking a closed Bible and smacking the supposed demon possessed lady in the back.

Please don’t be led astray by men like this.  Flee to Christ.  If you are his, he will guard you.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Demon Possessed?

  1. I think anyone who has read the bible cannot refute the fact that the enemy is present and diligently pursuing efforts to thwart God’s will during this present age. In the not to distant past, I overlooked the reality of this matter and was subjected to a rude awaking through a few soul shattering experiences. Without going into great detail, let me assure every believer that deliverance from oppression can be remedied through immediate repentance of your present and willful sins.
    Turning to Christ for help will deliver your soul, however if you are not resisting the enemy the enemy will not flee from you. Your life will continue to be influenced and you will be consistently fighting off an enemy at the Gate while other enemies are sneaking in through the holes of your hedges. All doorways into your life where demonic activity is suspected MUST severed. CUT THAT HAND OFF-PLUCK THAT EYE OUT…not literally but it must be a resolved repentance that is backed up by the Power of Christ’s Blood and the authority given to His Spirit indwelled believers. Once all entry’s have been severed, it is important that the afflicted person not open the doors again. Fill yourself with God’s Word daily. Learn to commune with the Lord daily, and learn how to harness a type of discernment for the other types of spirits that are out there. It is my personal belief that many of these charlatans are misguided if not possessed or oppressed they themself. I also do not believe a genuine believer in Christ can be spiritually indwelled by both the Holy Spirit and an evil spirit. These things seem mutually exclusive. Unbelievers however without God’s provision for your sin and His indwelling Spirit…you are left defenseless against the agents of the current captain of your soul which is Satan.

    • Chad, thanks for sharing. I agree that the devil is real and at work. I think there is a distinction between those who are Christs and those who are not when it comes to possession.

      Our lives are to be characterized by on-going repentance and faith.

      Stay near the Lord, my friend.

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