Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Last night Suzie and I watched this movie. We both loved it. Cate Blanchett received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for her role as the queen.

It seems like movies and shows about British royalty are everywhere. This is the second about Elizabeth to hit the big screen. Showtime has a successful series called “The Tudors.” Now a movie about the Bolyn sisters is appearing in theaters.

I enjoy well done historical films. I often wish the the movie makers wouldn’t take quite as much license to rewrite history. I would rather see them interpret the history that is real.

This movie portrays “The Virgin Queen” in her struggles both personal and national. Her relationship with Sir Walter Raleigh is examined. Politically she has to battle the Spanish King from the outside and inside opposition led by Mary, Queen of Scots.

This movie is well worth your time and might even lead for further study into this period of history.