The Three-Fold Engagement with God’s Word

Do you want to get the most out of engaging the Word of God?

Whether God is communicating with you through the general revelation of the created world or through the special revelation of the Bible, you probably want to “get” the message God is speaking.

Whether you are reading the Bible for yourself or hearing it proclaimed from a pulpit, you surely desire to grasp what God intends.

At the beginning of a year, Ezekiel was about to receive an important communique from the Lord.  (By the way, they are all important).  It so happened that Israel was 25 years into a 70 year judgment period.  God had already communicated that he would restore them again.

This particular message to Ezekiel would serve to encourage the exiles.  Not only would God restore them, but He would again dwell in their midst in radiant glory.  What a vital message from God to Ezekiel and then to the people.

With this or any communication from God, we should engage God’s message in three particular areas of our being as Ezekiel was instructed to do.

Son of man, look with your eyes, and hear with your ears, and set your heart upon all that I shall show you.
(Ezekiel 40:4, ESV)

 1.  Look with your eyes.

That sounds easy enough.  Yet we probably find ourselves with our eyes closed while we are sleeping through what God would show us.  

Look is an active verbal imperative.  It’s not that we are to await something shiny to catch our eye.  We are to be looking for what God’s message.

2.  Hear with your ears.

The same applies here with regard to actively listening for God to speak to us.  We are inundated with constant noise and need to tune our ears to listen to what God would say to us.

3.  Set your heart upon what God shows you.

Looking and hearing are vital.  But for the message to really sink in and settle deeply within us, we must incorporate this third aspect of engaging God’s word.

This involves the will.  We determine to actively engage with what God is teaching us.  It also involves the deep emotions of our soul.  We take joy and delight in what God says.

What would God teach you if you actively looked, listened and longed for his word for you?  He speaks.  Are you engaging his message?