The English Reformers Point Us to the Glory of Christ

At the 2016 National Conference of Ligonier Ministries, Michael Reeves presented The English Reformers as part of the overall theme on The Gospel. His theological and historical presentation deeply stirred my mind and heart. Below you find a written overview and the video of the 23 minutes presentation.

I know I have probably scared off many with the descriptor of this being theological and historical. I hope you will set aside less than half of an hour to watch this closely.

Title: The English Reformation

Thesis: We need the glory of Christ and the English Reformers point us to this glory.

Introduction: At the age of 21, Reeves experienced a crisis of faith which centered on two questions.

  1. How can I be saved?
  2. How can I know what is true?

He found the answers to these questions in the pages of writings from three men who were instrumental in the English Reformation.

  1. Martin Luther (in particular in The Freedom of a Christian)
    • Luther presented a parable of a marriage between a prostitute and a king. All that the prostitute had – her sin and shame, she gave to the king. All that the king had – his righteousness and rights, he gave to his wife. Similarly we give to Christ all of sin and shame and he gives to us his righteousness and shares his position.
  2. Richard Sibbes
  3. John Owen

Reeves had his questions answered by these men and made this great discovery from them.

Jesus Christ is glorious. This is the effect of the Reformation.

In his early years, Martin Luther learned that Christ was to be his example. What Luther discovered was that before Christ can be our example, he must be received as a gift.

The Puritan Thomas Goodwin received sage advice from a wise pastor.

Stop depending on your own feelings and your own performance for peace with God. Rest in Christ and depend entirely on him.

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