Especially Me!!!

Recently I was listening to a preacher as he was presented the case against legalistic religion. His point was that being right with God is due solely to the grace of God. Nobody has a reason to boast in his or her own righteousness — because we have none.

As he was making the point that each person is a sinner in need of God’s grace, he delineated his point something like this:

I am a sinner.
You are a sinner.
Every pastor is a sinner.
Every priest is a sinner.
The Pope is a sinner.
The President is a sinner.

At this point, a gentleman sitting near me commented, “Especially him (the President).”

I was stunned. Do I agree that the President is a sinner? Yes, emphatically. Yet he is a sinner just like every one of us. The cry of our heart should not be, “Especially him” about anybody. It should be “Especially ME!!!” I am a sinner without any claim on anything of God or from God. It is only by his grace that I still live and breath.

This gentleman was inadvertently making the point that legalism leads to boasting. Perhaps he assumed that since our President does not check off all of the social/political boxes that he himself does, that he is especially a sinner. What we need to learn is that even if we check off all of the boxes, we still have the status of being a sinner. Especially ME!!!