A Facebook Post

This past week I have been reading through 1 Corinthians. In the opening chapters, the church is provided with teaching about wisdom and foolishness. The gospel message is not wise according to worldly wisdom, but it is true wisdom. The preaching of Christ crucified is considered by outsiders as foolishness or folly. But to us it is the power of God.

If our folly was limited to the preaching of the cross, then count yourself blessed if you are counted a fool. However, those who bear the name of Christ simply do things that are downright foolish. I’m guilty of it myself. But I hope that as I mature in Christ, I leave more and more of that kind of folly behind.

One place that I have repeatedly witnessed outright folly is on the posts that appear on my Facebook feed. It no longer shocks me to see what some will post. With that said, I hope to encourage the readers of this blog to be thinking when it comes to pithy statements that are contrary to the gospel.

This morning I noticed that this meme or picture had been shared by someone who bears the name of Christ. I will keep their name withheld to protect the guilty.


The meaning of the post should have been tipped off by the original page that posted it – The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. I understand how some could think that this was simply an innocent quote. There are two primary concepts that have to be defined to grasp the meaning of the quote. The first is that of truth. The second is destroying illusions.

If we understand truth to be that which comes from the mind of God and is consistent with Scripture, then it does destroy the illusions of those who seek to live life hostile to God.

However this quote is attributed to Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche was a 19th century German philosopher who did not believe in God. One of his contributions to philosophy and culture was that God is dead.

When that is understood, the quote takes on a whole different meaning. Truth, to Nietzsche, is that God is not. The illusions that he speaks of being destroyed are the illusions of Christians who believe that God is.

To my friend’s credit, they removed the post when I pointed this out to them. Sadly they had already received six “likes” from other friends.

If you bear the name of Christ, don’t let your mind go AWOL when it comes to discerning the wisdom of this age.