A Father’s Prayer: Who’s the Boss?

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, he responded by giving them what is known as The Lord’s Prayer of The Model Prayer. Since Jesus taught only what he received from the Father, we can assume that the Father in heaven wants to answer this kind of prayer for his children.

As an earthly father, how can I want anything other for my kids and grandkids than what our heavenly Father wants for us? In a previous article I listed the first fatherly prayer request based on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6.

1. Father, make your name holy to my children and grandchildren (A Father’s Prayer: It’s About the Name).

The next petition that I ask of my heavenly father is this:

2.  Father, so reign in the lives of my children and grandchildren that their will is to do the will of their Father-King.

Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

–Matthew 6:10, ESV

My children are beyond the age when I tell them what to do with the reasoning being because I said so. But as children of the King of all that is, should we not respond in obedience to our Father simply because he says so?

Yet we often sound like the petulant child who responds to direction with you’re not the boss of me. We continue to pretend that our rickety little stool is actually a royal throne. We want to wear the diadems and rule with our own scepters. Why?

Because we want to be kings and we want our will to be the governing force. We want to reign and issue decrees. But we have a king who has a throne so massive that the earth serves as his footstool. We have a king who can summon creation into existence by his mere oral decree.

I pray that I will experience the kingly reign of the Father in my life so that he rules accomplishes his will here as he does in heaven. I pray that my children and grandchildren will also experience such kingly power from their heavenly Father.

Father in heaven, I pray that my children and grandchildren will be the kind of subject-children who experience your reign and rule in their lives…just like those in heaven experience.

It’s about who is the boss.