Finding a Wife

One of the joys of being a Christian at FirstBoynton is the relationships with other members. Folks genuinely love one another. One special relationship for me has been with a young man named Jon Gaydosh. We have had some lengthy conversations about the Lord’s working in our lives.

When we first met, Jon was single. He visited us when I was in the hospital and he would come over and watch football or soccer games with me. What I loved most was his desire for the Lord. Fast forward a couple of years and the Lord brought a beautiful, godly woman into Jon’s life. Her name is Rachel.

Suzie and I had the privilege of witnessing their wedding which was a wonderful time of worship. During the wedding, the video below was shown to demonstrate the Lord’s unmistakable movement in their lives being joined together. I look forward to seeing Christ displayed in their marriage. The only negative in their marriage is that I seem to have lost my football watching buddy. But losing that is a worthwhile sacrifice on my part. (My tongue is in my cheek.)

Watch the video to see how God works in ways that are amazing. A special shout out to Saygo Studios for putting this video together. Saygo is the company of Matt Piercefield – another dear brother from FirstBoynton. I am posting it with permission from Jon and Rachel.

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