First Baptist Church, West Palm Beach

This morning, Suzie and I attended the early worship service at First Baptist Church, West Palm Beach. This is a church that was pastored by Jess Moody and Jack Graham. Jess Moody began Palm Beach Atlantic University. Jack Graham is now pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas.
The recent history has been a little tougher. A pastor resigned after the Palm Beach Post reported on his falsified resume. A former member has taken the church to court wanting donations returned to her. So I had been a bit hesitant to attend. We have been attending a satellite of Christ Fellowship.
I might have attended earlier, but getting information on the church has been difficult. The church web-site is horrible. I’ll return to the info statement in a bit.
The preacher was Dr. Bob Barnes. I really enjoyed his exposition of John 4 and the account of Jesus and the Samaritan woman. It was nice to hear the Bible expounded. The music did lead me to worship, especially the song “This is the Air I Breathe.”
Just a couple of notes from a first time attender:

  1. I know we are in South Florida and near the beach, but a pink atmosphere in the church building? The music leader, music team and choir were decked in pinks with some reds sprinkled in the pink. Why? Even the lighting along the back wall was pink. It did give a bit of an effeminate tone to the service.
  2. I’m not sure about the raising and lowering of the window covers. It seemed like they were working a little to hard to create atmosphere.
  3. The pews are extremely close together. I know I’m tall (6’2″), but I barely fit into the pew. When standing the front of my thighs touched the back of the pew in front of me while my calves rubbed the seat on my pew. I wasn’t going to fall down that was for sure.
  4. Remember the information thing? Well, not only can you not find out some basic stuff on the church website, it is hard to find out in person. For example, I think Bob Barnes is an interim preacher or pastor. I’m not sure. I haven’t found anything to let me know. I assume that he will be there next week if we return.
  5. The bulletin indicated that they have a new welcome center. When I went to what appeared to be the welcome center between services, nobody was there. I only saw additional bulletins stacked up.
  6. We were greeted by a man at the door giving out bulletins. That was the only person that greeted us during the morning. I would have talked to somebody if I had had the opportunity.

Those were just observations. They did not take away from the service. I was able to join with others to worship. I hope to join them again.