Flawed Religious Talk

Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson, the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona is drawing media attention for a sermon, “Why I Hate Barack Obama.”  Let’s begin by saying that we have a naming issue.  This sermon is neither evidence of a faithful word nor of baptist church.  A more indicative name would be Clueless Rants of the Disturbed Gathering.

Here is a list of ridiculous claims made by Anderson in the sermon or in his response to questions.

  1. Hatred for Barack Obama.
  2. Praying for Obama’s death.
  3. Praying for the death to be of natural causes.
  4. Praying that the death be from brain cancer.
  5. Hoping that Obama’s death happens today.
  6. Hoping that Obama would melt like a snail with salt on it.
  7. Praying that Obama gets what he deserves.
  8. Identifying the above as “spiritual warfare.”
  9. Praying for Obama to go to hell.

Obviously all of his prayers and hopes will be unfulfilled.  He wanted Obama to die “today” and since then the sun has set and risen.

Anderson does not understand spiritual warfare.  Paul taught that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.  Obama is not our enemy.

Men like Anderson are getting what they really crave — attention.  Yet since he claims to be a pastor, Christians must be willing to distance themselves from this kind of warped preaching.

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  • I agree Frank. Neither faithful nor Baptist. But, most importantly, it’s not biblical. I also agree, preaachers like this are seeking attention and notoriety.

    • Chuck, preachers like this do gain infamy rather than fame. As Christians our goal should be to make God’s name famous. I do not see this happening with sermons like this.