Footnote: An Example of Confession & Restoration

Wade Burleson is the pastor of First Baptist Church (FBC) in Enid, Oklahoma.  On his website (Grace and Truth to You) he provides the narrative of that church walking with a pastor on staff through the process of church discipline which leads to restoration.  The following quote describes the end result:

In the end, this pastor had changed. He turned from being a legalistic, proud, often angry moralist, to a soft-hearted, grace-oriented, lover of people. Because we loved him enough to help him deal with the issues that led to his sin, he knew Christianity was more than a religion–it’s about soul transforming relationships. Because we stuck with him for six months of healing instead of shoving him out the door, grace became more than just a word. Because we restored him to ministry and saw him become a more powerful and effective proclaimer of the gospel of God’s grace, this man continues to impact not just Oklahoma, not just this nation, but the world for Christ.

* The Process of Confession and Reconciliation Is Not Necessarily Easy, But It’s Worth It

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