Footnote: Does your marriage have a prayer?

According to the Journal of Marriage and Family, common spiritual activities between a husband and wife are key ingredients to be happy or extremely happy.  What are the activities?

  1. Pray together.
  2. Study the Bible together.
  3. Attend church together.

For those who participate in these activities, notice the difference in happiness compared to those who do not participate.

  1. Whites – 83% versus 69% (14 percentage points higher)
  2. Blacks – 73% versus 52% (21 percentage points higher)
  3. Latinos – 78% versus 65% (13 percentage points higher)

Would you like for you and your spouse to be happier together?  I would encourage you to do the three activities listed above.  To see the article from USA Today, click on the link below.

Does your marriage have a prayer? – Faith & Reason.