Footnote: How to Pray Better in Public and in Private, too

It seems like each time I read something from Tim Keller on prayer, I can’t wait to begin praying.  I previously posted an article after reading an earlier article on prayer.

In a new article, Keller mentions his use of prayers by Thomas Cranmer.  I’ll let you read his thoughts by clicking on the link below.  But I do want to include the 5 point breakdown of Cranmer’s prayers.  What I love about this is how focused on God, how rich in theology and how our petitions are based on God’s character.

1. The address – a name of God
2. The doctrine – a truth about God’s nature that is the basis for the prayer
3. The petition – what is being asked for
4. The aspiration – what good result will come if the request is granted
5. In Jesus’ name – this remembers the mediatorial role of Jesus
Check out the examples he provides.  Make them your own prayers.