Footnote: Vicar Tells Churchgoers to Swear More

Preaching at the church of St. Mary the Virgin in Herefordshire (England), Michael Land has told his hearers to incorporate cussing into their regular vocabulary.

* Vicar Tells Churchgoers to Swear More

Here are his reasons:

  1. Parishioners to be move aggressively into the Modern Age which includes keeping up to date with the language.
  2. This is how Jesus would have talked.
  3. This is how the church is to stay connected with ordinary people.

Land provided an example from his life in which he dropped an f-bomb on a motorist for cutting him off while driving.

Here are a few of my observations after reading the article:

  1. Is “putting Jesus on a pedestal” really a problem for Christians?
  2. I’m not a prude, but do we really need sermons telling us to cuss?
  3. Do they really refer to priestly collars as “dog-collars” in England?
  4. I hope this guy doesn’t rewrite some of the hymns.
  5. This puts a whole new spin on WWJD.  That is, if this is what Jesus would do.  I really can’t see Jesus speaking to another motorist this way.
  6. Should Christians be just like the world in order to relate to the those in the world?
  7. If a preacher is to be known for 1 sermon, is this really the sermon a preacher would want?

Your thoughts?

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