Former Mayor Abuses the Bible to Oppose Church

Ex-Boynton Beach mayor opposes megachurch moving to mall.

Behind our house is the Boynton Beach Mall.  The sign for Sears illuminates our back yard with only a canal separating the mall and our yard.  Recently Dillards closed one of the anchor stores and it sat empty through the holiday shopping season.

Christ Fellowship is a multi-site church in our county.  That church has offered to rent the space for a satellite gathering.  This idea does not sit well with the former mayor of Boynton Beach Jerry Taylor.

Taylor is within his rights to think this is a bad idea.  He can even use his influence and voice to influence those who will make the decision about the rental of mall space.  What concerns me is that Taylor has opted to use biblical references and imagery in a seriously flawed manner in his opposition of the church.

Speaking to the city commission,

As soon as I heard of this, I thought of the Bible story where our Lord drove the money-changers out of the temple.  In this case, you’re being asked to allow a whole house of worship in the moneymakers’ compound.

Really?  Taylor has taken the biblical account of Jesus purifying the temple by driving out the money changers and flipped it on its head.  This biblical account in no way relates to a church meeting in the marketplace.  Taylor has misused and abused the Bible to make his point.

Not being content with this fallacious argument, the former mayor proceeded to slander the church he was opposing.  Since churches cannot legally be taxed, the city would stand to lose resources if the church rented the space as opposed to a business entity renting the space.  To overcome this hurdle the church has offered to make a donation in the amount that the taxes would have been.

This did not impress Taylor.  Instead he warned the commission against this “bribe” with these words,

I’m hoping you won’t accept those pieces of silver.

I am simply stunned that this man who claims to be part of an area church would impugn Christ Fellowship as offering a bribe.  If that was not harsh enough he compares the church to those who pulled out all stops to crucify our Lord.

I am pretty confident that Christ Fellowship will be okay.  They will continue to proclaim Christ as they have in the past.

As a citizen of Boynton Beach, I feel that the former mayor should publicly apologize for his disparaging remarks.  I also hope he figures out a better way to read and interpret his Bible.