Gantz Jaunt #1

As a high school quarterback, I ran an option play near the end of a game.  32 yards later I crossed the goal line for the winning score.  The local newspaper ran this headline the next day, Gantz TD Jaunt Lifts Chiefs.  My teammates made fun of me for days.  I heard all kinds of jaunting jokes.

One dictionary provides this definition of the word: a short excursion or journey for pleasure.  So in the spirit of a bygone day of glory, I am beginning a new blog feature called Gantz Jaunt.  This feature will be short excursions or journeys for pleasure.  I will enjoy them.  I hope you will, too.  Perhaps somebody can create a nice image or logo for me to use with these posts.  If you are the creative sort, send me your best stab at it.

* Church Mag referenced the P2P article, Attending a Church for the First Time on their website.  Thanks guys.

* It is a great time of year for sports fans.  Baseball pennant races are winding down and football season is kicking off.  I am hoping that the Texas Rangers finish strongly in baseball.  I am excited that the Oklahoma Sooners begin the season ranked #1 in the country.

* Suzie and I tried to relax and watch a movie together the other night.  I am so disappointed in the quality of movies these days.  I’m not even talking about sex and violence in the movies.  There are just some really bad movies out there.  I am hoping to see The Help and The Debt.  These two movies might restore value in my mind.

* Now that the boxes are unpacked and most things are in place in our new home, I am looking forward to getting back on a good reading schedule.  So many good books.  So little time.

*  Living miles and miles away from my biological family members can be difficult at times.  I am grateful for the technology that allows for us to talk on the phone, chat on-line, see pictures and (the best) do video chats on line.

*  This is a picture of my new work area.  I have a sleek desk with a great view.




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2 thoughts on “Gantz Jaunt #1

  1. Loved watching those games but sometimes hard to watch the beating you were taking and knew it would be hot tub time when it was over. haha

    Love, Mom

  2. Frank,

    Wow, we are embarking on Autumn yet this blog screams renewal to me! Looking forward to where your “jaunts” may take us. Just want to renew my own thankfulness to God…that He sees me through all things, even when I am unaware. I especially thank him for the renewal of old friendships and the many new directions that these renewals take. His love is so great. Extra love to you and Suzie, Marina

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