Gantz Jaunt 15.02.08

jauntHarvard joined Yale this week in adopting a formal ban against professors having sexual relations with students. A history professor, Alison Johnson, stated that “We’re not seeing potential romantic partners. We are seeing students.”

I commend the stance taken by these Ivy League schools, but it does make me curious. Is not the mantra of modern culture that sex is okay if it is between two consenting adults? Almost all college students are of adult age.

A professor at the University of Cincinnati, Billie Dziech, argues that this exception exists because of the issue of power. That is, a professor has power over the student. This is why many organizations ban sex between leaders and subordinates in the workplace.

Again I agree, but highlight this because it demonstrates that the two consenting adults thing is not absolute. And if it is not absolute, then who gets to determine the exceptions? Would it not be just as logically acceptable to view sex between two consenting adults who are of the same gender as a legitimate exception. Or what about two consenting adults who are unmarried?

Perhaps we need a source of authority beyond ourselves…like say…the Bible.

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Read the full article from The Washington Post.

The National Prayer Breakfast took place this past week in Washington D.C. This breakfast is not so much about prayer as it is about speeches. Which is probably just as well since it is an interfaith prayer breakfast with folks like the Dalai Lama involved.

Most of the after talk by Christians centered on the comments from President Obama reminding folks about the Crusades and slavery. I didn’t get too worked up over that. After all it’s the kind of thing I have come to expect from our leader.

I would rather focus the spotlight on the keynote speaker, Darrell Waltrip. The NASCAR legend talked pointedly about the importance of a relationship with Jesus. He warned that without Jesus, hell is the final destination. He spoke winsomely about the change of life brought about by knowing Jesus. His speech was serious with a dose of his homespun humor.

You can watch his speech on C-Span and see some of my favorite tweets about the speech.

It’s been a week since the Super Bowl. At the beginning of the game, I really only cared about seeing a good game. That I did. I don’t want to discuss deflategate or the questionable play call at the end. Instead I want to express my displeasure with how certain Seattle Seahawks have chosen to celebrate touchdowns. I was glad that Marshawn Lynch did not score on that final play for Seattle. He probably would have chosen to reprise his celebratory crotch grab that he employed in the previous two games.

Even though Lynch was kept out of the end zone, Doug Baldwin did manage to catch a touchdown pass. How did he chose to celebrate? By simulating a bowel movement using the football as a prop. No, seriously. This professional athlete who attended Stanford does something that is so immature it can’t even be called sophomoric.

I love the public Christian stance that Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson has taken. I pray that in the coming days, he will have more influence over guys like Lynch and Baldwin.